Disable Automatic Teams Meetings in Outlook

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Please see this screenshot:
Outlook Teams Invite BS.png


At one point I enabled Teams for our Office 365 organization, despite primarily using other tools. Teams started inserting itself into every meeting request. I disabled Teams for our organization. It still happens, only now it's more painful to join others' Teams meetings.

How can I disable this automatic meeting creator? It is unlikely that I'll ever wish for someone in our organization to create a Teams meeting.

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I don't remember for sure, but I believe that it was a recent feature add that Teams would automatically create meetings for every meeting.

I also believe that this can be changed to include other platforms instead of Teams.

I can't imagine being in the meeting where they determined that to be a good idea.
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@Mike Hammett It's a setting in Outlook and you can read all about it here Make every meeting online (