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Could you, please, let me know how to delete a recording from a chat if the video was not uploaded in Stream?

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When you record a meeting it will be saved in Teams media service on Azure (not accessible by admins or users). From there it is encoded and saved in Microsoft Stream.


Directly after your complete the meeting recording you will see this when the meeting is encoded. During this time you don't have the option to delete the recording.



When the recording is saved in Stream you can delete it from Stream, click on the meatball menu (...) and Open in Microsoft Stream and you will see the option to delete the recording.


You will still see the notification in the meeting chat that there is a recording even if it is deleted.


@Linus Cansby  Hi. Thanks for your quick feedback! I would like to clarify. MS Teams says it failed to upload the video, you can only download it to watch and can't see in Stream. 


What can I do in this case?




I think you have to contact Microsoft Support if you need help deleting that.


For the issue that the recording is not uploaded check that you have Stream licence and that Stream is enabled for users with this problem. 

Linus, how to contact ms support?

@Linus Cansby We do not have Stream uploads in our org - therefore they don't get uploaded to Stream - but they have no way to delete videos. Seems like an oversight since not all orgs want their employees to upload video for various reasons.


@MATTHEW BATCHELOR I have the same issue - do you know if a resolution was found? :)


Hi, do you know what email to use to contact Microsoft Support for this issue? @Linus Cansby 


@saraefree Hi, are you A1 subscribers? There's a temporary change going on as Microsoft are performing Stream infrastructure maintenance. During this time the automatic upload to Stream is disabled. One needs to manually download it from the Teams chat and then upload it to Stream.


If you're not A1 but just don't use Stream you'll in the same scenario. The recording is stored in "Teams cloud storage" (Azure Media) for 21 days before it's deleted. And right now you cannot do it yourself.


I know that the product team is aware of the issue (that you cannot delete the recording from the Teams chat) but they are working on a solution to that. This I read from a MS rep. today.


Hope it helps to sort things out!


@bec064we are facing the same issue. Meet now recordings are saved to a skype backend (not Stream) and appears impossible to delete from the chat thread...let alone from any files store backend. :\


@joshcourteauoranje Hello, this was released the other day which will change the behavior.


'Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint or Stream for meeting recordings'