Delete Chat Draft

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I copy-pasted ~10MB of text data in a 1-1 chat and it's basically bricked the whole program. I've killed it through task manager however when it opens the memory usage just explodes well past the 10MB. It becomes unresponsive and then the process disappears. I assume the process is being killed by the OS.


I'm wondering where Teams stores draft messages? I was hoping I'd be able to just delete that file and be able to use teams again.

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I was able to fix it by reinstalling. Still would like to be able to simple delete the chat draft.

Just click on another chat and it should work. By the way, there is an upcoming feature that is realted to store Drafts in chats so you dont' forget things
It wont, because it keeps a draft of the message. Maybe the mobile version, or mac version is different, but on windows 10, it just keeps trying to load the draft.
I also faced similar issue simplest way I felt was signing out and signing in will fix this issue