Definition of CQD Parameters



I try to understand CQD.


  • timed_out
  • disconnected
  • transferred_to_agent
  • agent_joined_conference
  • error

I have looked at Auto Attendant & Call Queue Historical Report - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

but that did not give me the distinction.


Thank you for your help



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@Linus Cansby or @Steven Collier should be able to help with this one. They have got good knowledge on the CQD and should be able to explain these


Best, Chris

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@Christopher Hoard I do think that the page referenced adequately describes this data, perhaps it would be useful to make sure you have a good understanding of the mechanisms used in the call queue, particularly the difference between conference mode and transfer mode.


When using conference mode (preferred) the agents are joining an ongoing call which explains a number of these values as outcomes of a call. Worth a very careful read of the docs at Create a call queue in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Sweet. Sorry, I was cracking through 80 - 90 unanswered Q's to meet 100% on this month and couldn't give all of them the time. Having seen your video previously on CQD thought it was worth a shout out :D

Best, Chris