'Copy Link' for Folder/Files does not work in Teams

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When you access a document library using the website/SharePoint tab and click on 'copy Link' the dialog opens up and has a spinning circle constantly, doesn't load.Teams-CopyLink.gif


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That's totally unexpected...have you tried to access the document library on different browsers and/or using an inprivate session?

@Juan Carlos González Martín So the above is using the desktop application and have tried it in a browser too (Edge Chromium).


To clarify, this is a SharePoint webpage, with a quick link to a document library then viewing the document library that way. Is it a limitation of viewing it via a 'website' tab in Teams? 

@Henry Edwards @Juan Carlos González Martín Did you ever find a resolution (or cause) for this? I have a user experiencing this issue for a Team/SharePoint library.

@JamesKearns We started seeing this problem on the week starting 5th July. There appears to be an issue obtaining sharing links from SharePoint Online via the Document Library tab in Teams. Our workaround was to swap out the Document Library tabs for Website tabs. After that the Copy Link functionality worked as expected.

@ChrisKnight Did you find the solution to resolve this problem ?

I am also having this problem. Did you find a solution? @Henry Edwards 

I'm also having this problem as of a couple days ago. Watching just in case my IT doesn't figure it out.

@Henry Edwards did you find a solution?  We had a couple of users with this problem, they are running Version (64-bit) of Teams Desktop.  One user rebooted and everything is working fine, but another user still has the issue after rebooting. 

Is this due to something in the link?  Like a space or an invalid character?


@Henry EdwardsI have the same problem :(

@Henry Edwards Same problem. Sometimes it works again, but most of the times the Microsoft Teams client gives this white popup with spinning wheel and after a while the white popup becomes larger(see screenshot) but nothing more.
Workaround for now is using the Browser(Egde), or the PWA(Edge Progressive Web App) or the new Onedrive window(which is in essential a webbrowser also).

Microsoft Teams Client:


Onedrive client works.


PWA(progressive Web App) works as well: (this is of course same as the browser)




Hi I have the same problem,. What I love about this forum is the only people who read it are the ones with the problems :) not the ones who can fix it - hopefully it will be resolved soon as the problem has only be running for 7 months - thx all
Same issue here. Multiple users are experiencing it.

- Mark

"Copy Link" now works, however when pasting the link into a mail I get a warning message (translation: we check, whether the recipient can access the link"




Still doesn't work for me. First when I select 'Copy Link' this window is shown:




Then after around 30s this window is shown:



This then stays forever (well at least 5 min...).

@Henry Edwards  Same for me - no changes since yesterday. My IT department cant solve it and if I copy the link from the web application then it opens Sharepoint, no Teams which is not what I want

Because of the reply from @Paul_IQPC about Microsoft not reading this forum, I posted a question on ;
The first tip given there of clearing cache does not work.(tried it already) See my comments.
The second tip I did and maybe you can do as well. hitting the help button in Teams and click Feedback.

@Henry Edwards as an update I had to kill some tasks in Task Manager and so I killed Teams as well. Now when I reopen it the links seem to work - weird. Hope this helps everyone




I already tried this and uninstalled-reinstalled teams, cleaning cache. By coincidence I even got a new laptop,
I think you are just lucky for now/today. In the last weeks I had it working once as well.

Sorry my bad - it opens the main Teams channel but NOT individual folder links - so the problem still exists
@Florisz  I have tried clearing the cache and even deleting all the temp files as explained here but still no joy. SO as far as I am concerned the problem still exists