'Copy Link' for Folder/Files does not work in Teams

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When you access a document library using the website/SharePoint tab and click on 'copy Link' the dialog opens up and has a spinning circle constantly, doesn't load.Teams-CopyLink.gif


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That's totally unexpected...have you tried to access the document library on different browsers and/or using an inprivate session?

@Juan Carlos González Martín So the above is using the desktop application and have tried it in a browser too (Edge Chromium).


To clarify, this is a SharePoint webpage, with a quick link to a document library then viewing the document library that way. Is it a limitation of viewing it via a 'website' tab in Teams? 

@Henry Edwards @Juan Carlos González Martín Did you ever find a resolution (or cause) for this? I have a user experiencing this issue for a Team/SharePoint library.