Convert Teams Private Channel into New Teams Group

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Hi All,

I have a private channel into a Team Group but now I reached the maximum level of members allowed into a Private Channel.

I understood that it is not possible to increase the 250 limit # of members for a private channel but my community is bigger so I need a dedicate Teams Group.



is there a way to convert this private channel into a new Teams Groups or I need to create a new one from scratch, enter all 250 users, move all the files already into the private channel? This will require lots of time. Any suggestion?




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AFAIK that is not possible currently, you will have to create a new one.
Once it was not possible. Lately I have seen that in "Edit team" it's possible to change the type from private to public and vice versa.


Hello! I think @ilcesco  is trying to convert a channel, not a team, into a new teams public group.

Unfortunatly for now , there is no way to work around it , when you create a private channel , you are creating a whole new sharepoint site on the back .. You have to create a new channel .
PS : even if you are cloning a team to a new one , private channels won't be included .
Is there a link from Microsoft site or documentation that confirms that they do not offer tool or feature to convert Channel to a Team?

@key_P Unfortunately, there is no functionality to convert a channel to become a Team. Thus, there is probably no documentation on it either.

Regards, Magnus

Got it. Thank you Magnus for quick response.