Connectors List is Blank Cannot Add Connector for Jenkins

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Hello there, in our company we want to use the Jenkins connector and we're stuck at the very first step. When we click on (...) and then select connectors.


We obtain a blank page :



Can you tell us what are the prerequisites for having something displayed in the connectors page ?

I guess we have a configuration issue but I do not see where.

In Microsoft Teams admin center I do not see anything related to connectors.

Everything is "On" and nothing is "Off" for Apps








Any help will be appreciated :)

Thanks in advance.


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Connectors is a Microsoft 365 Groups thing. To check if they are enabled go here:

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Just gonna add these as the site Juan Carlos referred to can perhaps feel a bit overwhelming? (just a guess).

[-ConnectorsEnabled <Boolean>]
[-ConnectorsEnabledForOutlook <Boolean>]
[-ConnectorsEnabledForSharepoint <Boolean>]
[-ConnectorsEnabledForTeams <Boolean>]
[-ConnectorsEnabledForYammer <Boolean>]



Frequently asked questions on the topic, in this case Outlook (scroll down)

Connect apps to your groups in Outlook - Outlook (