Connectors configuration is missing

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I've just add an RSS feed with the microsoft RSS app in Teams in general channel.


I want to delete this feed but i don't find the connectors configuration panel.


There is no option connectors (see attached screenshot)


I use Microsoft teams free.



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Can you do it on the web client at

I have a Teams Free tenant and it is working there - you can still see and configure connectors

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Thank you for your reply.


I've tried to do it in the MT website. It does not work.


It's the same configuration as the windows software. (see screenshot)


No connectors configuration.


Another solution ?


Thank you



Ok try this


Next to the Team name select ellipsis (...) > manage team > channels > general > ellipsis (...). Can you see connectors there?




Also make sure under settings permissions are all ticked. There is one for connectors which may be switched off and is causing the issue




Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I did what you said to me, as you can see there is no "connectors" link.


I don't understand the problem. (sorry for my bad english ;)




@MisterSo, can you relate to this:


In other words, is your Microsoft account used to create Teams space is hosted on Outlook or another email service provider?

Haha! I think I got it!

Ok, try this step by step

1.) On the left bar, press the ellipsis under call (...)
2.) In 'Find an App' select RSS and select it. This should bring up the RSS app
3.) Select 'Add to a Team'
4.) Search for the channel name - in this case general by just typing in 'G', select set up a connector
5.) It will go to a screen which tries to set up the connector. Don't put anything in, just select cancel at the bottom, this should fall back to the connector screen
6.) Select 'configured' under Manage
7.) Select '1 configured' under RSS, then Manage
8.) Select Remove

I really hope this solves it

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


It works ;)


I still don't have the connectors link that appears like yours but it still works


thank you Chris



I went to the Find an app and search for RSS and fond nothing.  I know the RSS feed was available I have used it and for the Teams I have used it in the feeds still work.  


Did MS removed the function, if so what replaced it?




Thanks for this! I knew I had somehow arrived at the configure screen. I appreciate the steps.