Conduct an instant or live poll during a video or audio call, or live event




Are we able to start a poll in Microsoft Teams during a call (audio/video) or a live event?  Looking forward to such a feature.



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Currently there is no polling function built-in to Teams meeting but you could use a external poll, third-party or Microsoft Forms.

For Live Events be aware that it is an delay in the broadcast, so if you ask attendees to vote they won't hear that directly. There's a 30-60 second delay. Microsoft is working on a polling feature for Live Events, vote and read more here.

For meetings in Teams there is another user request asking for polls, vote for that here

Thanks @Linus Cansby for the tip and links.  I had upvoted both.

In the meeting chat you can write @forms and you will be able to add a poll using Microsoft Forms. I don't think it is working for guest attendees though.

@Par Linderoth Lack of support for Guest use of Forms is something I have seen as well. 

@Linus CansbyHi, Is there a limited number of people who can participate to a poll ( From MS teams Forms chat)?

@Linus Cansby Thank you for your answer. I was questionning because I tested it, and only 4 participants were able to answer.  The others received information that the pool has been  closed ( It wasn't the case obviously). I'll test it once again to check if it was a technical issue or a tool limitation.