closing Documents in Teams, returning to Root Directory

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When I close a document within Teams , the View is always returning to the the Root Directory.

This is really annoying and takes time. What can i do ? We have a commun Sharepoint Database for ouer Documents. As a Team we can also not use a commun Calendar , so we made one in Sharepoint, but this one isn't Userfriendly and the Design is bad. Thanks for any Help  Marc

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Hi @Marc_MKH ,

Could you walk me through your scenario a bit more please?


So where do you launch the document from exactly? Is it within the Files tab of Teams, Files in the left hand navigation of Teams, Files within a Chat etc. Or even from SharePoint directly?

As I did a quick check of say Files Tab > Folder 1 > Doc.docx and when opening and closing Doc.docx I returned to folder one, with me interpreting your root as being Files Tab, however I stayed in Folder 1. So I am sure you are meaning something else?





Hi@HenryPhillipsNimbitech ,


I go to files in Teams (General) ( in the Team Bar ) see picture ,these files are actually in Sharepointand are linked to Teams.

Then i go throu all the Folders until i found my Excell Sheet.

I open it and work within in the Teams App. When i close the File i am returning imediatly

to the Generel Root Folder, instead of getting back in the last Folder i was .


I'm not a Pro even not native english speaking, i hope you understand what i want to explain :)

Best Regards





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Hi @Marc_MKH ,


You are very good at English considering it is not your native language, so no problem. I am embarrassed to say that I am a typical Englishmen who relies on everyone else speaking English. I know what can you do with us.  

However the crucial bit of info was the fact you were linking to other SharePoint locations by way of adding cloud storage.

I can unfortunately confirm that this just seems to be the way when linking to a SharePoint library in this manner, however and maybe not ideal. But this is not a problem if you add the library as a tab, rather than a link in the Files tab. In this scenario it will stick to the the path you were within.

I also found this user voice that might be worth a vote on:





Good Morning@HenryPhillipsNimbitech 


When i started to use Teams with ouer Team of 5 , i saw that evry User had his own Calendar and own cloud Storage. But as a Team we needed 1 "Server" and 1 Calendar for us all together. I then called Microsoft Helpline, they understood my Problem und told me to connect Sharepoint to Teams.


Anyway , could you tell me how to add the Library as a tab ? Maybe this will work :)


And yes , the link explained the same issue, i voted.


Thank You



You are in luck as it sounds like Microsoft Lists would be right up your street as there are many types, some of which are Calendar based.

Think of Microsoft Lists as a self contained SharePoint list that can be used in its own right and separate app.

So to add a tab you should have an add option to the right of your existing tabs. Click this and then choose the Microsoft Lists option.

If you want to do this a bit more traditionally then you could go to the SharePoint site that backs your Team, by going to Files tab > open in SharePoint. Click on home to get into the right context > New > APP. Search for and select Calendar list.

Now back in Teams you should be able to add a tab that makes use of that list.





Yes this is it ! It works, i have now a tab named Documents. One thing that changed is that now i have a different Excell App within Teams. ( see 2 screenshots) This Excell App seems better but i cant find the "close" Button.

Hi @Marc_MKH ,


So I presume we are talking about the second screenshot as the first one has a close towards the top right.

As for the second it looks to me like you have added a tab directly to an Excel document, so to close is effectively to move away from that tab as the tab is the document. To close the document would be essentially needing to remove the tab.


I have to ask and I am glad you are happy and if it works it works. But are you using an Excel spreadsheet for your Calendar.

If so I would still strongly look into Microsoft Lists or a SharePoint list. Or even consider something like Planner if you are wanting to manage tasks as a Team.


Also just for completeness you could also add a SharePoint Document library as a tab, that contains the Excel document, that way you would get the usual close.


Also you could just pin the document, so have it in say Files and do this sort of thing:



Looks like this above all other docs:



You also get the option to make any document a tab more easily doing this:










yes the second screenshot is what i have now.

i made a tab "documents" where i see all the Folders , when i go in a Folder and open an excell sheet,

its like in the second screenshot and i can not go back, i have not made a tab from only one document.

the Calendar is not related with Excell, just trying to get this done first.

When i made the Tab Teams askes me to enter a Link from Sharepoint, i pasted the Adress from Sharepointsite where i can see all my Folders.

Hi @Marc_MKH ,


The only way I can get an Excel Web version like your second screenshot is to interface with it via SharePoint directly.

So I would comeback to the tab if you want the more familiar experience and choose a tab of type SharePoint Document Library and Not SharePoint (that gives you the options to reference a Page or List).

So this one:




But in the other instance if it works, you essentially just click back or away from it or comeback in the breadcrumb trail:



So for example I am in an XLSX within the General Folder of the TechCommunity library. So I could just click on TechCommunity to go back to the level where the document is housed or leave.







Thank you Henry,


I used the Document Library Tab it works , just less options on the Right Mouse click.

But its much easyer to work now.


The example in Excell from Generel to TechCommunity has no Reaction in my App , maybe i have some bugs in the App.


Thank you for all your Help Henry





I have the same problem... sometimes! I am in several Teams and own a couple. In SOME channels, when you click on the FILES tab, then go down any number of levels into folders and subfolders and then click on a file, it opens to view/edit in the Teams app. But when you click the BACK arrow, it takes you all the way back to the root folder of the FILES tab. So to open another file in the same sub-folder, you have to retrace your steps, which is a real time-wasting pain.


But in SOME channels (inexplicably), clicking the BACK arrow just takes you make to the folder that contained the file you were viewing (this is what Teams SHOULD do).

@Bill Davis I have come across this problem today. So the default files tab in a channel will work as expected and bring you back to the folder you were in. But adding a Sharepoint tab to a channel will work unexpectedly and pop you back to the root folder when closing a document.

However, I am not sure why @HenryPhillipsNimbitech solution to this thread worked for the OP as doing this solution is how I came across the problem in the first place!!?

"if you add the library as a tab, rather than a link in the Files tab. In this scenario it will stick to the the path you were within."


I have exactly the same problem but I already have my sharepoint library linked as a separate tab called documents.Screenshot 2023-05-23 152609.jpg

We just started using Teams and love it so far except the really annoying problem of when closing a file in Teams it reverts to the root folder regardless of how deep in a folder structure you had opened the file from. We were already using a tab in Teams to the SharePoint library so that was not a solution. I couldn't find a solution anywhere online to this, so purely by trial and error, here are the two solutions to the problem that work for us:

1. Using Teams: After navigating to where the file resides, don't open it using Teams, instead right-click on the file and choose either "Open in browser" or "Open in app" (not "open in teams"). When you then close the file browser tab or the file in the app, Teams will remain in the folder you started in.

2. Using SharePoint: If you use SharePoint for file navigation (not within Teams) the only options for opening files are within the browser or within the app. In both cases when you close the file, SharePoint will remain in the directory you opened the file from.

So far, both of these solutions have worked for us a 100%, but other companies may have a different configuration that would prevent this from working, if so, sorry.