chat message send item is missing

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I have a Samsung s20 Note and all of a sudden in when using chat on teams in my mobile the send icon (paper plane looking icon) is gone and I can't send messages in chat on the mobile.


Icons showing are, Gallery, GIF, stickers, attach, @, font options followed by 3 dots and nothing else


How do I get my send icon up so I can chat on my mobile?

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@ian_hussey I'm having the same problem.  Samsung S10 plus

If you can reliably reproduce this issue, open a support case or report it via the in-client feedback tool (shake the device, if the corresponding option is enabled).

here is a screen shot
I have the same issue since Saturday: the Send item just disappeared from the chat messages. I have a LG 8.
Having the same issue on a Galaxy S10 since Friday.

Had anyone seen any resolution of the issue?

@Vasil Michev Any update on this? Not very useful to have Teams on my mobile and to being able to reply messages... Even this message... I have to do it from my computer ;)

@Nadia14140 I have a support case open and am awaiting feedback on the issue.


I will post in here when I get a solution, well I hope I get one as this is a tool very important to our organisation.



This has been reported on multiple threads.  Here is the fix and the link to another chat.  Very surprised MS hasn't already put out a fix for this or at least updated its response.


On my Samsung galaxy S20, i went to SETTING - DISPLAY- SCREEN ZOOM.. and i made it one notch smaller...  go back into teams and the send button is available.


@Michael_Serber @ian_hussey 

Your solution is working . For my LG Android, it's:

-Settings, Accessibility, Vision, Display size (set to the smallest size).


@Michael_Serber Thank you for your message, that has fixed it for me at the moment I hope they get a fix so I can adjust the zoom back. The eyes are as young as they used to be.


Much appreciated Michael.