Chat button missing in meeting on Android client

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We're encountering an issue with the chat button not appearing in the Android teams app. If the user connects via the desktop app or web app the chat button appears which seems to suggest we don't have a permissions problem.


If the meeting organiser/team owner connects using the android app the chat button is available for them which seems to suggest we don't have an Android app problem.


Anyone encountered this?



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Hi @pcwardy  Is the person trying to chat a member of your organization or a guest?  Guests do not have the ability to chat in a Teams meeting.


If that's not the case, there are several past conversations in this community that offer solutions, like this one: Chat button missing in a Teams Meeting? - Microsoft Tech Community


Or this one: The chat icon is gone - Microsoft Tech Community




Thanks, the person is a member of the organisation, I'll have a look at the past conversation though.

did you manage to find solution? I am struggling with the same issue @pcwardy