Channels not appearing


Why do my Channels keep disappearing from view.  If I go to se them up again, it says it is already in use.

How do I get them displaying again.



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Hello, I suppose you're using Teams desktop app. Perhaps it's been some time since you signed out from Teams? Do that as a start (from the top right corner) as it will refresh things. You can also go to Teams online to verify the existence of the channels and then you know for sure if it's a cache related issue.
Yes using Teams desktop app. Done the above and most of the missing channels come back, but then they disappear again the next day, and I have 'signed out'.
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Teams free or business subscription? For the former there's no official support but if you're on the latter I recommend opening a support ticket with Microsoft. You'll need to reach out to your IT admin if you're not an admin yourself.



This has been happening randomly for a while for me on Win 10 and Win 11, and despite Teams updates.   

The only way I can force it to display channels is to select manage team - this then shows the channels straight away. Click cancel and carry on.

Very frustrating when you are using quite a few teams and changing channels.


Hope this helps others and MS fixes it soon.