Change to Teams GUI/Type a message box

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Despite verifying that they are the same Teams build, I have two different 'Type a message' experiences now between my Teams clients on 2 different workstations:




Has anyone else noticed this, and if so, is there a solution to return to the first picture with options 


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It is a planned update as per the Teams roadmap, rolling out now.
Where are the previous features such as gifs that were part of the version prior (first picture) to this update?

@BET81 We were told that they would be accessible by clicking the smiley face; however, only emojis are currently available.  That may simply be our administrators having those features (gifs, stickers) turned off in the updated version.

Interesting. I would hate to interrupt IT with something so frivolous. Hopefully this is correctly sooner than later. Thanks for your response.
We have some users reporting the same - new compose box, missing gifs. The new unified place for emojis and gifs is a separate thing on the roadmap rolling out now too, but one seems to be arriving before the other, which is pretty pants, but hey ho.

I *really* want to return to the first editing experience.  Our team's habit was to record immediate meeting videos inline with the thread we may have within a channel.  That's completely gone in the new way the editing box is presented.  I don't mind if it's hidden behind the "+", but it has just been completely removed.  The "schedule a meeting" that's still offerred is not appropriate for our use - especially because it slots things into everyone's calendar.