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I have been using the LTI within Canvas to create Teams meetings. However, the meetings created are not being added to my calendar. Our ( ICT support have been unable to find a resolution. Are you able to suggest a solution?


Also I note that when I record a meeting in Teams I am getting an option to download the recording at the end of the meeting but the recording is not being added into my Stream as it used to a few months ago. Has this functionally been changed?

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@zzchess Sorry I don't know Canvas other than it's a learning tool, but really it's up to it to send a meeting request to put something in your calendar. To Teams a meeting is just the URL to a meeting, it doesn't have a concept of time or date by itself. If you book in Outlook then that link is embedded within an Outlook meeting. Canvas could do the same if it wished.


Only being able to download the recording would imply that you no longer have a license for Stream.