Cannot add share files/folder from google drive

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Hello community, 


Recently I have problem add share files/folder in Files tab on teams from google drive. I can login to google drive when I add cloud storage. I can choose the folder, but when I click add folder, nothing happen. Shared folder now showing up on Files tab. Previously I can add share files, but now I can't. 

I try add cloud storage from dropbox, it's show in Files tab. Only google drive not showing up there.

Please Help.


Thank You

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can you try to do the same in teams web instead of teams windows client ? if its working in web try to reinstall teams client and test again with g drive.

@alitaqvi Already try on web. It's the same result. I try with dropbox, both on web or application, can shared folder. Only for Google Drive I cannot shared folder.

@andyrianton did you find a solution? I have the same issue...
Not yet. Already contact Microsoft support. and get remote by their support, but no solution until now. Their support also get this problem. So I wait for their support to find a solution.