Can't open the hidden channels in Teams

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I have a problem with the hidden channels. When i want to open them, they don't show up.

Also sharing from Outlook to Teams don't work. 


This person works on a WVD. We updated the Teams Machine-Wide Installer. 


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@FemkeCornelissen We have the same issue - have spoken to Microsoft Unified Support who have said multiple tenants have reported this to Microsoft and their engineers are looking in to it

@FemkeCornelissen We also have this problem since upgrading to that teams version. we don't have the problem with teams on the WEB within the same session, we only have it in a VDI "optimized" teams using Citrix as well.

Can confirm we are experiencing this same issue inside of VDI

Our users are also having this issue in our virtual environment.  

This just started happening to our team using the Windows Teams app.  

@FemkeCornelissen did you get a solution to this issue? I have this problem with the app just this week.

It is a known issue at Microsoft Support. The engineering team is working in it. They think the problem can be solved with a patch in 3-4 weeks.

@FemkeCornelissen We still have the problem with the latest version. Do you have any news? Thank you very much!