Can't hear teams through head phones or Bluetooth speaker

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I'm trying to use teams, but I'm losing my cool. I can hear it through my laptop speakers, which are woefully quiet, my Bluetooth headphones, and through the headphone jack if connected to my TV. But..... Occasionally I need to use it in another room after my Bluetooth headphones are out of battery (we use it to communicate whilst gaming for longer than the battery lasts). In this room I have the option of a set of plug in headphones or my Amazon echo dot. I have previously been able to listen to teams through the echo but it is no longer working. Everything is connected correctly, the laptop registers the output, and it is selectable in teams as well. I can listen to anything else through the echo or head phones, such as YouTube. But teams is silent! Short of buying a second pair of Bluetooth headphones what can I do? Again, the laptop is connected to the echo, I can hear YouTube through the echo so it is connected. I can also select the echo in teams. But as soon as I do this I lose all audio. Any help would be appreciated.
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Need to go to sound control panel where it lists all the devices and set the echo as default communication device. See if that helps.

It’s possible that the computer just doesn’t support it as a headset like that. I’ve seen some devices just straight not work.
The issue is that it worked a few weeks ago on the echo dot. I change the audio device in the drop down menu, it accepts it. But no sound.


I have had the same issue within Teams. The sound does not work in Teams from an iPad or Macbook. It worked fine for weeks and then all of a sudden it stopped. I restarted everything and the output is in its correct setting. I connected to an external set of speakers and I can hear the sound but my group in Teams is unable to do hear it even with the external speakers. 


Any updates on this problem? I started having the same issue. Was working fine on my bluetooth external speakers but than all of a sudden I got no sound unless I use my laptop speakers.