can't get the activity log on teams



I have 'global administrator' right, but suddenly I loosed my connection to Teams admin center.

After two days attempt still i'm getting this error: 'We can't get the activity log. Please try again. If you continue to have problems,contact Microsoft customer support.'

any idea what's the problem? I event not able to get access teams web app.



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Hi, I'd suggest that you open a ticket directly with Microsoft support.  You can do this from within your tenant from the Admin Center at and navigating to Support > New Service Request as shown below;


Screenshot 2020-06-08 at 08.08.11.png



I am also getting this - However only from Chrome.

In the new Chromium Edge browser this is fine. - not sure if related to Chrome or my particular installation of Chrome.


edited: Also get this in traditional Internet Explorer

Thanks @Carey Knighton-Fitt 

Yes, the problem was is Chrome. It works with the other browsers. 

even when I open new incognito window I get the same result. Any idea if i re-install chrome it will fix?

Not as far as I know. A colleague has the same issues in Firefox. I have an open case with MS regarding this. MS currently struggling to understand its not related to user licensing.

As far as I can see it only relates to some tenants?

I was informed later today that it was now working in Firefox. So maybe there has been a miraculous change in the past couple of hours. Not had a chance to test yet.

Update. Still not working in chrome. MS support still unable to find solution

@Carey Knighton-Fitt I had the same error, Chrome was blocking cookies from other sites when I was using it in Incognito Mode. I allowed third party cookies and the error message has gone away and I can see our rooms again.