can't find option for full screen after update

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The most recent update to teams moved the controls to the top but seems to have removed the ability to show the meeting in full screen. We do a lot of code sharing and depend on the ability stretch to full screen to make the code easier to read.

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Focus mode is more of less the same, under the ... menu. I would also suggest that you can zoom the shared content if you can't view it, see

Thank you for your quick response. I like the zoom feature but it feels a bit more clunky that viewing their screen at 1:1. It's a good work around but I would love for the full screen ability to return in the future.




@Steven Collier 

Why on earth would Microsoft remove the full screen feature? It's really annoying not having it. Because of this alone I always end up doing skype meetings when people have to share desktops.

mmm...not quite the same.  We need full screen back :smile:

@Steven Collier we need the full screen function back. 

Focus is not a good substitute for full screen, now im finding it hard on my fairly small laptop screen to see what the people sharing, are sharing. Full screen is the best way, it almost doubles the visible area vs focus.... Why remove it ????@Steven Collier 



Microsoft did mention this in the Message Centre Post about the new Meeting Experience

Know limitations:

Meeting notes will launch to the main Teams client
Support for full screen content viewing will be coming in the future
Support for Invision Freehand Whiteboard will be coming in the future

So it will be coming in the future.


Like with many things the decision to ship without it will have been agonized over, say it would take another 3 months to build Full Screen into the new experience, would you rather not have pop out meetings for 3 months while waiting? You can always turn off the new experience for the next 2 months and stay with the existing Full Screen option.


If you want to tell them why it's important that this is sooner rather than later I would recommend doing so through UserVoice


@Steven Collier How do I turn it off so I can get fullscreen back?


Please go to - Profile -> Settings -> General -> Under Application -> Disable [Turn ON new meeting experience] -> Restart Teams. 

You can view the meetings in full screen.



Thanks for the TIP


I agree this is very missing - i can not see what is presented because of resolution differences. Can't believe this was taken away from us :(

Yes, this is a big miss while introducing new feature removing some important feature is not helping us.

@Steven Collier 


Zoom feature is being reported as 'not satisfactory' by majority of our user community and users are starting to use other collaboration apps when they are required to do Screen sharing. We could like to see this feature reinstated ASAP . 

@Steven Collier - I guess to answer the question, I would have preferred wait the extra time, whatever that would have been [3 months, 6 months, etc.].  Can't speak for others, but didn't see the pop out feature as critical.


As it is, I'll just disable the new experience as it's nearly impossible to view screen shares on my laptop without a full screen mode.

i don't understand why they will need extra 3 months to build the Full Screen Feature that is already in the current version? Before removing the feature that is commonly used, why not look at the status of the usage or ask the users? Microsoft has a habit of releasing Beta versions that's really not ready..

It is insane that MS Teams lacks a fullscreen mode when using separate windows for a meeting. I can't believe Intel Corp (my employer) bought into the MS Office 365. Every other new feature has 1 step forward, 2 steps back 20 or 30 years in intuitive user-experience and functionality.

Badly need this feature, please restore asap.

I Agree, the balance between the updated version and the previous is negative. I can easily survive using previous version. but not in this one.

@Dragoon82Microsoft may consider seeing those buttons is more important than seeing the meeting content in full screen. :xd:

Very frustrating. With COVID my son is doing kindergarten online and I use full screen mode everyday because it’s the only way to block out the other kids and only focus on the teacher! This makes it very hard to continue school as my son focuses on the fidgety kids. -_____-
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I just tested the True Full Screen for Screen Sharing function and it does give you a True Full Screen. Some Control Functions are maintained in the small User Image Window which can be repositioned easily.

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