Can a channel be changed from Private to Standard (public?)

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I have a channel that's private.  I made it private so I could collaborate with a few people to determine the layout of the channel before opening up to the public.  How can I change the channel settings from private to public?  And if I can't, and must create a new channel (ugh!) is there an easy way to create a new channel using the private channel as a template or copy wiki content from private channel to newly created public channel?

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Sorry, no to all the questions! There’s no way to change it from private to public or vice versa. Also wiki and conversations aren’t exportable ootb. You can create a new channel and copy all files over pretty easily though!

@adam deltinger thanks for the quick response.  Using a channel to help ppl in my company learn how to use Teams.  Creating a Q&A using the wiki, but given that I can't transfer all the content from wiki into new channel easily (besides copy and paste), best if I move all the Q&A (FAQ) info into a word doc?  Where do ppl ask these types of "tips and tricks" questions?

Thanks :(
Can you give me the steps to transfer the private channel content to a new public channel please?
this is where it all falls apart....the "move to" doesnt show public channels in the shared libraries quick list, not even if followed