Camera greyed out in teams

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Hi there, I'm currently delivering music lessons through Teams. I have even setting up meetings which repeat on a weekly basis. I have had one student who was able to access the first meeting with no problems at all but the recurring meeting have caused problems!  The client can access the meeting but is unable to connect to the camera - the camera sign is greyed out and says "disabled by administrator". If anyone can explain to me why this is happening and how we might be able to fix it, that would be really helpful! Many thanks, Katie

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@KLOWER  here are few steps to follow to overcome with these issues,


first, you might be using a free of teams if the paid version you got an option to disable that I am sure that will not be the case but just saying it there, ask the user to remove/uninstall the desktop client and reinstall it again, In addition, try to ask them to use the teams web and test it out

Thanks for the advice.

@KLOWER  Thanks for the reply and Glad was able to assist and help.