Camera Freezing - possibly after an update.

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Since a couple of days, using Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit), my camera randomly but constantly freeze. Windows version is 10.0.19044 Build 19044.


I use a Sony a7s connected to an Elgato Camlink 4K on an AMD Ryzen System with Windows 10 and this has worked flawlessly for several years, which makes me believe that some recent update has caused this. (I have several colleagues experiencing this too) 


For audio, I use a Rode Podcaster + regular speakers.

- So far I've tried updating all the drivers for Elgato and so on.

- I've reinstalled Teams (and made sure ALL Teams caches were deleted after uninstalling)


Anything else one can try, this makes meetings and product demos etc look very unprofessional.  


Thanks for any input.

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I am seeing this too. Same symptoms and it seems to have started following the recent update to (64-bit). Colleagues on devices with Intel processors don't appear to be affected, but those of us on AMD processors are (regardless of laptop type). It's also worth noting that when affected colleagues start up the previous version, it works without issue.

@JamesB551 Thanks! I should also add to the thread that collagues on Mac experience both freezes and crashes/random application quits in Teams. 


He is on version 2022.46.1 and Mac OS 13.2.1 on an Intel Macbook Pro.


(He had to switch to Teams in the Edge browser as that works fine)



Seeing this too, also after the update. Teams often crashes or camera freezing when someone shares their screen.
All have AMD.
Have not yet found a fix
Hello, do you have any update about it?
Got a couple users with the issue, is it okay to downgrade the driver ? (I don't know which driver to downgrade tho)

Our municipality is also experiencing this issue. We have a number of HP Ryzen mini PC's and AMD Surface Laptop 4's in our fleet, and our IT Service Desk is getting quite a few tickets from staff who have AMD based computers reporting of both camera freezing and pixelated camera in MS Teams. The pixelated camera seems to be only visible on the client side, however when the camera freezes, it occurs for both the client and the recipient. Turning off/on the camera seems to temporarily fix the issue. The issue also affects both external (USB) camera as well as integrated camera on the AMD Surface Laptop 4. For the AMD SL4, we have tried performing all the latest Windows updates (Win10) and available firmware, as well as updating all the AMD drivers directly from the AMD auto driver detect tool, so far we haven't seen a resolve. I am assuming the fix will need to be a future MS Teams client update. Running Teams via Edge web browser seems to be a work-around. Hopefully Microsoft issues a Teams update soon!

I just received a reply from my IT-department and they had talked to Microsoft - and they're working on a fix ASAP.
Same problem here - camera freezes shortly after turning it on in Teams. But camera works just fine elsewhere. Running Teams Version (64-bit), under Windows 11 22H2 Build 22621.1413, on (and apparently this is the kicker) an AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. Microsoft: whether this is a problem with Teams, or with your drivers for AMD hardware, please fix this soon!!



Exact same issue here for about 60 of our users. 

AMD Ryzen CPU's  - Surface Laptop 4's.


Have suggested users use EDGE and


Hope MS get a fix soon.




@Mhagelst  I have this problem too. It's extremely annoying. Surface Laptop 4 15" Ryzen 7 Win 11 22H2 fully up to date. You would think that MS software would be better tested on MS hardware.

Same issue on my HP EliteBook 855 G8.


I too have an issue.  I used a Logitech USB web came without any issue for years.  After the last Windows update, my camera freezes up periodically, during MS Teams calls.  I purchased a new Sansisco camera because I thought it was me, but that too freezes up.  I've checked all my settings and then came out to the forum and found that it appears to be a MS issue.  I started experience the issue right after I upgraded to Windows 11 version 22H1 OS Build 22621.1413, March 8, 2023.  This really needs to be resolved asap so I'm hoping we hear something soon.

Also having the described issue with 4 Surface laptop 4's with AMD processors. Have contacted support and have not been able to get a resolution at this stage. If anyone has anything please help out. Going to have to move to ZOOM at this point....

This issue has been happening to me as well - usually with WhatsApp, but it's also happened with Teams. During a video call, I'll get the message that "your camera is unavailable or being used by another app." After the call, it will crash the app as well. The camera stays on (even though it isn't working) as the light is on, but it does not function and I need to shut it off. I'm hoping that this gets fixed soon.

I tried manually updating every single device driver to its very latest version using a third party tool (I don't think you can do this in Windows Update) and the problem seems to have gone away. Sadly, I have no clue which was the driver update that helped.

@Terry Wells So running the web version of Teams under Edge fixes it for your users? Cool! Okay, I'll try that workaround on my meetings tomorrow. I've been going cameraless on Teams for the last couple weeks.


Thanks very much for the tip!


- Ken

Yes exactly the same here! Surface Laptop 4, AMD, after recent update camera (the onboard one) randomly freezes or pixelates. Stopping the camera and starting again fixes it for a while then it returns. Have tried running all updates. How can we report this to Microsoft?



Same issues at our workplace.  We have staff all over the country on different internet connections, on a combination of HP's and Lenovo's with combinations of Intel and AMD CPU's...  All having the same issue and only in the last 1-2 weeks.  Has to be from the latest update...


I am trying to clear cache and reinstall on those reporting the issues the most, but no update on if that has helped any.

New version out: You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 2023-04-04.

Didn't help a THING. If something, it's even worse. Blue-screened my system twice during a support call with Microsoft :)