CAMERA freezes using teams app in MAC OS

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I'm using a Macbook Air, and I installed MS Teams app on my laptop. Everything works fine until I get into a call and I turn on my camera. My officemates usually tell me that my camera froze but they can hear me clearly. 

- I tried using other meeting apps like zoom and I don't experience the same problem

- I tried logging in to online microsoft teams and my camera works perfectly fine


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app already. same thing. I tried checking for updates on the app. My internet connection is working perfectly fine as well. I have a personal Office 365 account as well (I'm currently using a corporate account), tried logging on to MS Teams app using that same thing. disabled GPU as well. 


I hope you can assist me with this problem. Appreciate it.

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Same thing happened to me. Audio was working fine I could listen and the people on the call could hear me, but Teams was frozen on the window just before joining the meeting (with the menus for enabling/disabling video/audio). Have not yet figured out how to fix this.

@Guillermo1460 did a factory reset for my macbook.. reinstalled Teams. worked for me