Calls are opening in separate window with no option to disable

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Hello - My Teams is opening all calls / meetings in a separate popped out window and there is no option in settings to disable this.


This feature makes Teams very hard to use when utilising more than one screen because it opens across two screens / off the screens. Adds time to being able to connect to a call quickly.


There is also no option to pop the call back into Teams when the call has commenced?

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Hi, it sounds as if you've got the new default settings for the "new meeting experience" which is explained more in detail here



Unfortunately as of this morning that option has been removed and the awful new meeting experience is MANDATORY :(((((


Besides of the multi-window experience you obviously don't like, think of all great features it adds :)
This new feature is such a bad user experience. Not being able to choose to have it off is even worse. Talk about Teams failing their users. Feels like a bit of a Snapchat moment...
This update gives me a bad experience. Teams used to automatically snap every window to my small monitor, but now it doesn't. It also stoppes me from browsing the Teams app while seeing the presentation/meeting on the same screen. Why is there no way to disable this? I explicitly changed it when you could. I do not want this.
The other features are nice, but made less useful due to this issue. One step forward and two steps backwards. It is only better for some presenters especially using only one screen.

@ChristianBergstrom What a stupid reply. "Besides our bad experience, we added other stuff that you may like" Why not give us both?

Hey, I don’t work for Microsoft. Can’t help if you don’t like the new meeting experience and what it brings and not.
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I agree, this feature is a step back, and it is so frustrating. The option should simply be available, and instead it's straight up removed. Having my call window elsewhere works against my work flow, and adds more windows to my already strained work system. Trying to flip between the call and other discussions in Teams is slowed down, and the call window is huge and can barely be shrunk down. I can't even pop it back in.

This option needs to be returned.
Agreed, why comment on the features that we are clearly not for...
Same here. I absolutely hate this. Also, very irritating, the toolbar's position has changed from the bottom to the top. Very bad decision. People should have a choice.

@LO9394 @BGvdS1996 I get that you don't like the new meeting experience because of the separate windows, but no need being impolite as I'm a community member just as you are. I'm pretty sure they would keep the option if it wasn't for all the features that comes with it, don't you think? I'm not saying this or that, but have a look at what you get from using the new experience in comparison if not Get a preview of new meeting features - Office Support ( and breakout rooms wouldn't be possible either.


As for the opinions you should really post them at Microsoft Teams UserVoice instead as that's where they look. MS representatives (besides a few) don't usually read or follow the posts in the community.

Christian, regarding your comment: I tend to prefer fewer but more mature features. Having used Teams for about a year now due to the pandemy I have learned how to do certain things (and I am sure that this applies to other people in the same way). I am not interested in re-learning processes that are already productive for me. Breaking stuff that works for people is in general a bad idea. 

Fair enough. No worries!



I overreacted. I was impolite.

I thought you worked at Microsoft because I saw "Managing O365/M365 Apps & Services" on your profile. Still not a reason to be rude.





For me, the breakoutroom are a good addition, but for the features in that link, I fail to see why that wouldn't be possible without opening a new window.
My annoyance is mostly that it is forced instead of an option.

Read my reply above (and see the link).


You Can Stop This Separate Teams Meetings Screen

By downloading an older version of Teams


Mac os= Download-Microsoft-Teams-Macbook

Windows=Microsoft Teams




@Kartikeya_the_helper this is not really a solution: 

  • You'd be cut off from bugfixes
  • Eventually the outdated teams version will no longer be able to run the actual webapp inside

IMO Microsoft should just not change a behaviour considered useful by many or at least give people a choice.