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We are using teams with a mark calling plan and number.  When calls come in, I see the name of the person.  However, is there a way to see the number?  I hate asking people for their number if I already have it.  

also, in call history, sometimes I see the name and other times the number.  I think o did something to get it to toggle but not sure.  

believe this happens in the teams apps abut primarily I am using a yealink phone as well for when calls come in. 



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In the CDR in you Microsoft Teams Application you should be able to see the name and number both. The name configuration majorly depends on the carrier from which the call is made if that provider have configured the CName on their end for Microsoft to display the same.

In the CDR you should be able to see both name and phone number seamlessly even if you use Teams Certified IP Phone.

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thanks.  We are using a certified phone.  In the call history I saw the name and then was trying to find the number.  Somehow it switched to the number but then I couldn’t see the name again,  new calls seems to have the name unless there is not one and the number is shown. 

curious s to how I can see the phone number while on a call as the name is showing on the display.  



It's frustrating when you can't see the caller's number, especially if you already have it saved. In Microsoft Teams, you can usually view the number along with the caller's name. It sounds like there might be a toggle or setting causing the inconsistency in call history.For your Yealink phone, make sure it's properly integrated with Teams to ensure seamless call handling. You could also check Teams' settings to see if there's an option to display both name and number consistently.As for the caller ID mystery, you might find it helpful to visit It's a handy resource for identifying callers and managing your call history.