Call setup delay - Call Queues vs. Auto attendant

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I have a Teams-only org client that's been complaining for the better part of a year now that when they answer incoming PSTN calls via the Teams mobile app (in this case, iPhones), they have to say "hello" for several seconds before both parties can hear each other. They are *not* using Call Queues, but they are using an Auto Attendant so that the caller can select the receiver from a menu. The call logs in Teams admin indicate absolutely problems and they report the call audio quality as "Good".  Additionally, this same client complains that at some point during many calls, 2-way audio stops working, and they need to hang up to re-establish the call. Ironically, when they answer calls using their Poly 3PIP desk phones, they don't experience the same delay.

There are no intervening firewall rules blocking communications in either direction, and the audio media IP ports settings are set to use any free port rather than a specific range, if that makes any difference.


Is this problem related to (or the same one as) the Call Queue delay problem that's been a known issue for years? Or is this unrelated? I'm yet again at risk of losing another valuable client because of ongoing Teams/PSTN calling issues, and I'd at least like to have whatever data the community or someone from Microsoft can provide. I have of course already contacted partner technical support, provided all logs and telemetry available for an example call when this occurred, and the response was that "the log says audio quality is good, so can you provide us with a log when the quality is not good". Ugh..I can't even...

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I know not much help but I’ve always experienced the delay for the calls to connect up. I usually just wait till I can hear the “noise” come through before saying hello. Obviously not a fix or much help but sharing my experience is similar ;).

Hi @Chris Webb - for you is it a Call Queue thing, or do you also experience it with calls transferred from an AA? How about 2 way audio dropping at random points during the call?