Call issues using VMware Media Optimization

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We are attempting to implement Team Media optimization using VMware Horizons and are having mixed results.  In summary we can connect to Teams Meetings but cannot connect person-to-person calls.


Checking the firewall I am seeing different network ports for person-to-person calls than that of the  successful person-to-meeting calls.  The successful meeting calls are following documented network path and connect to udp ports 3478-3481 within the documented end-point network blocks.  However the person-to-person calls attempt to connect udp ports 50000+ on address outside the defined end-point subnets.


I have found several reference documents stating the 50000+ ports (although configurable) are the source ports for media streams not the destination.  I have not seen any references that 50000+ ports are destination ports.


Can anyone provide guidance on why the different types of calls are behaving differently.  Additionally I would like to understand why Teams is attempting to communicate with locations not listed as any Microsoft end-point.  




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Can you check with the Known Issues for the Media Optimization. I assume that the Media Bypass is still not supported in the Virtualization environment.

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