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I have setup Teams.  I am the global admin for my company and access to all portals.  All Team meeting policy options and scheduling options are set to yes for me at global level.  In the desktop and web version, calendar app does not appear on the left hand side for me.  I cannot schedule meetings in team.


Stuck and need some help! I have attached screenshots.


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Let me sum up this thread for people just joining now. If the calendar app is missing from the left of Teams there are two possible reasons


1. (Most Likely) - Teams can not find or access your calendar. It will only access a calendar from the exchange mailbox associated with the users account, if you don't have one, then no calendar. Also if you use Exchange hosted on-premises you will need to have hybrid configured to allow Teams to access that mailbox. Read more starting at How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


2. (Less Likely) - Someone removed Calendar in an app setup policy assigned to that user. This will hide it from the left menu but it will still be there if you press the ... Menu at the bottom. See Manage app setup policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs







@DavidMitchell190 Thanks so much, your answer was spot on, it worked for me, after not having the calendar in my Teams for an over year now

Thank You maitin10, that really help me out solving my situation.

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@ngoncalve72 I am glad the steps helped. :)

Came into work and the calendar was missing.
Your answer worked for me. Thanks!
I opened a case to microsoft support 20 days ago about a similar problem in an extremely simple environment (only one server, no firewall, no reverse proxy). I sent tons of logs, spent hours troubleshooting and it still doesn't work. The freebusy onprem online works but not the calendar tab. And the MS support for the moment does not know.
My calendar icon just disappeared today. Tried this solution and it worked (had to restart Teams but not the computer). Thank you!
This is late response, but I found this post because I was having the same issue. The solution was to clear the TEAMS cache. follow the steps at

basically quit out of Teams app, open the file explorer app, put %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in the address bar. open and delete all files in the following folders: Cache, blob_storage, databases, GPUCache, IndexedDB, Local Storage, tmp

Then close file explorer, then re open Teams app.

I had the same issue and went through all the steps and the calendar was still not showing while in a Hybrid Setup. In the end I located that the X500 connector that was set as the primary reply address was set to an "Exchange Labs" not the X500 for the domain. I removed the Exchange Labs X500 and set the domain connector to the primary and the calendar instantly appeared within teams. Hope this helps for people who are struggling to get it to work.