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Dear Forum Members,

I created a new team under the Teams tab for a specific project. Under this channel, I want to introduce a calendar so every team member can access (Read/Write) within the Teams UI. This calendar will serve the purpose to map out work schedules and will probably be deleted when the project completes. 

What is the best way to bring a calendar into the team channel?


I have tried a SharePoint calendar, but there is no native way to "Add a tab" into the Teams UI. So I used "Add a tab" as a Website. Even though all members within the team shall have the rights to the SharePoint calendar, they can't access it within the Teams.


I also tried Planner, which is much nicer and modern, better integrated. The problem with Planner's calendar view is that you can only add tasks for the day, not able to spef

Thanks all!

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We use SharePoint calendar, but we don't use web or mobile clients, just desktop so it works fine for us. Assuming you guys are not using desktop client to access it when adding as a tab?

Thanks @Chris Webb 

We are also using the Microsoft Teams desktop client.

I also created a SharePoint calendar.

How do you bring the SharePoint calendar into the Teams channel as a Tab?

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Dependent on where it’s lovated in SP you can use either the sharepoint tab or the website tab, pasting the url! Add the tab by clicking the + icon
With a Website Tab should work...are you sure your users have access to the calendars you are adding?
Website Tab in Teams. Then the URL to the calendar view in Teams. Then tack on &isdlg=1 to the end of the URL, this will strip all the unwanted bit of the page and only display the calendar in the tab.

@Chris WebbI'm afraid this did not work for me. 

? Can you elaborate
I grabbed the full calendar url (including .aspx) pasted it in a Website tab in Teams. Then added &isdlg=1, without spaces, to the end of the url. I received a 404 error. Did I miss a step?
Try ?isdlg=1
Pasted at the end, after .aspx? Or, replacing .aspx with ?isdlg=1
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after, for example, mine looks like this. /Lists/Technology%20Calendar/calendar.aspx?isdlg=1
That worked! Thank you!!
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after, for example, mine looks like this. /Lists/Technology%20Calendar/calendar.aspx?isdlg=1

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