Bug : Teams notifications not going away despite message being opened

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Hey everyone.

I'm on MacOS 10.15.7 and currently use Teams notifications integrated with native MacOS ones.

However, I've noticed that when a message is sent and unopened, it notifies me (as expected), however when I do open it on Teams and not via the notification, the notification remains in the notification bar.

Could you please fix that, my notification bar is constantly full with (opened) Teams notifications.



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Hi, do you mean the Mac notification centre - from the top right of the Mac desktop? If so, I find that notifications in here don't always match the action you take in the actual app. Seems to be a quirk of Mac OS as far as I can tell. Take a look at the settings in System Preferences > Notification Center and see if anything in there may alter this experience. I personally don't use the Notification Center I must admit as I prefer to respond to apps by the badges that are presented when a new item comes in.