Bug Report: Quitting Teams app restarts it

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When quitting Teams for Windows the app restarts automatically by displaying the following message at the top "There was a glitch, and we had to restart the app. It's good to go now. until I quit it again and then it remains closed. Does anyone knows how to address this issue?


Thank you.

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Hi there,
The recommendation here is to grab Team Logs (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/log-files), open a support ticket and share with them

Okay, thank you very much!

Did you ever get it fixed? Can't create a support request myself since "No support options are currently available" or something.

@nikohNo and even after some updates I still got this problem.

@GeorgeMakrakis I've been having this same issue on Win 10 for a couple weeks now. What I noticed is that after my machine wakes from sleep, the Teams app is running very hot (>80% CPU) and the only way to recover is to kill the process via Task Manager, which as you noted, results in the app closing and restarting. Logging out/Windows restart is what I eventually do.

@Bob ManjoneyWhen I quit two times, the apps stays close, but this is not a clean way to address this issue... I also send a mail to report this issue but none has responded yet.

Exactly same issue for me and my colleagues. You have to quit it twice, the first time it states recovering from a glitch.

@iofluxdev1 I get this issue too and I've had it for several months. 


There's nothing more annoying than an app that restarts itself after being closed.  I hope this is being worked on.

Still having this issue. How sad is it when a company like Microsoft can't even make a code to quit correctly. How do these people get their jobs, I have to work my **bleep** off just to get hired and you people hire any kid that can't even make a exit line correctly.


I always try to be constructive when giving replies, but I'm gonna have to agree on this one. These kinds of bugs should be really easy to solve, yet Microsoft manages to take notice and then do absolutely nothing about it. Or at least seem to do nothing about it.

MS: please fix this simple yet annoying issue.

@Peter Dam vanYep, it is actually insane how 3 months later this small yet very annoying bug is still there and no updates are provided.

I have the same problem.  Have to quit twice each time I use the app.

Same bug. Obviously hasn't been fixed.

@GeorgeMakrakis The same for me on Surface Go, on my Thinkpad 13 is slightly different - no tray icon even after restarting the app, I need to restart the PC for the tray icon to be back.


Personally I think the Teams app has been released in Alpha stage and now it's Beta with telemetry so Microsoft is using us as early adopters. The whole app experience is just simply the worst of all Microsoft Office app family. It's just not the standard I got used to being with this company for over 20 years. Even infamous Vista was better for me than Microsoft Teams...

Also have this bug. Rather annoying, and is getting me a LOT of flak from the higher-ups.

Its now feb and the problem continues - sometimes it takes three attempts to quit teams.

Please fix this app now - how it was ever released as a product in this state is ammazing - do they really expect the active ( subscription paying ) community to work as beta testers?

@Opti365Issues on both Windows and Android. Have removed from windows. The mobile app is also very problematic. May have to seek alternative...

Same here. This is really frustrating. I have a low-memory laptop and Teams insists on being open, which takes up precious memory that I need for other tasks!

Constructive answers are one thing, but this is such a basic issue that it's just astounding Microsoft has not been able to a) detect it during their own testing and b) fix it for such a long time!

In addition: I also have another issue with Teams. If I close the Teams app manually right before I shut down my computer, it will cause a critical error during the shutdown-process:


"The instruction at [address] references memory at [address]. The memory could not be read."


This seems to be caused by the automatic restart of the Teams app WHILE Windows is attempting to shut down. If you time the close-Teams-and-shutdown-Windows just right, I suspect more people get this error. I've managed to recreate it on several other machines (with colleagues).