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I can blur the background on one laptop, but on the other laptop this button is missing.  It is also missing on the laptop of a number of other prof.s   MS support says they do not have advanced tools.


This worked 5 hours ago, but does not any more.




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@cleon_germany Three things I know stop the background blur

1. Using the browser client for Teams

2. Using the Linux Client

3. Using an old PC where the CPU doesn't support SSE2


None of these would easily explain it appearing and disappearing.

@Steven Collier 


I use the desktop teams.  I do not use Linux.  The older laptop never showed this.  The newer laptop showed this function 7 hours ago.

That OS do you have in each Latop? Can you verify the same version of the Teams App is installed on all of them?
Windows 10; same version of teams on each one. The button can back on one laptop overnight. I really like teams, just Zoom offers this and a virtual background. Thank you for your help.
The blur option is only available in 'meetings' ie, a pre-scheduled meeting using a calendar invite or via the 'Meet Now' button in Teams Calendar. Ad hoc video calls don't make the option available.


That may be true, but even in schedule meetings in Teams it is not available.  I suspect that this is a feature MS disables at times.

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Hi @cleon_germany ,


If you are using the same version of the Teams desktop app on Win10 and it's not available on that other laptop there is a good chance the background blur just isn't supported on that device yet.  I believe there are video card spec's that are required and older video cards might not be supported yet, but they are working on adding support for more.


"Not all devices support background blur yet, but we’re working on it. To find out if it’s available on your device, just try the method described above. Click More options in a meeting. If Blur my background appears in the menu, then you're in business!"


@Curtis Johnstone 


That is  likely explanation.