Better Wiki app for MS Teams?

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We have a subscription to Office 365. I looked at the Wiki which comes with MS Teams and it's very basic. I can't even add a new page, or edit a link to an external website.


Is there another app available to integrate with MS Teams that is a robust information manager? We're going to start out with 20 pages or so, and be adding more over the years so it needs to have multiple Wiki pages which I can organize in a logical fashion. And I'm not familiar with all the apps that can be integrated with MS Teams.


I guess I should be more specific in what I'm looking for:

  1. The ability to create more pages in the wiki to organize topics.
  2. The ability to link to pages inside and outside of the wiki/app.
  3. Including images of screenshots are critical.
  4. Bulleted and numbered lists are important to list the steps to fix things or get things done.
  5. Bold, italic formatting.
  6. Making section headers that are a larger font.
  7. Most of the basic features of MediaWiki.
  8. Ability to comment on a wiki page to suggest changes or ask for clarifications.
  9. Footnotes would be very nice to point people to the original source.



Thank you!

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OneNote can cover most if not all of those requests. That's what most of us use in lieu of the Wiki tab which many wish could be turned off :). Flexible, can be used in apps / Teams / web etc. Best of all it's built in to Microsoft 365 / Teams and included in most licenses.