Avoid to save password to Teams on a public computer

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Often our teachers need to access Teams on shared computers at our conference center. Computers we also share with outside guests. Right now Windows save the account name and password, even though the teachers log out of Temas/Office.


How can we change the setup, so the computer doesn't remember the password (and the account)?


/Helle Svinth

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Hi, Teams isn't really designed for multi-user or for sharing the sign-in credentials. In this particular case you should consider using a "true" shared computer set up, i.e. all users signing in use their own Windows profile. If that's not applicable one solution could be to prevent the use of Teams desktop app and only allowing InPrivate browser sessions for Teams on the web.

You can read further here for a couple of guidelines https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/shared-device-security-for-microsoft-teams