Auto Attendant issue

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i have an issue in autoattendant :

I logged in a Teams user (member of call queue set in autoattendant) on phone (Audiocodes c450hd)

When this user tries to answer auto attendant calls, the call doesn't work : Teams user picks up the phone, the call seems to start (timer starts to go on), but the caller still listen the music on hold.

This issue doesn't face in following scenarios:

 when I call the Call Queue number    

 when in the AA behavior the call is directly routed to  Teams user logged on the phone  

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I'm having a similar issue here, the caller just hears music on hold but the agent click to answer the call and the teams client shows "We couldn't connect your call". We are using direct routing with an Audiocodes vSBC.

@Alex_DunlopI faced my problem by Audiocodes C450HD only , users can answer to callers of AutoAttendant number by Teams client.

I opened a Microsoft ticket two weeks ago, but I didn't receive any significant news yet.

In your evironment is there a trunk SIP or a PSTN?

We are using a SIP trunk from BT.

@Alex_DunlopI advice you the following link (valid both SIP trunk and PSTN scenario)

Let me know if it will be helpful

Thanks for that, it isn't the issue however. It seems to be that a call transfer from the auto attendant to call queue results in the agent being unable to answer the all. Today I'm going to try deleting and recreating the AA and Queue, if this doesn't work i will raise a support case with MS.

We had the same behavior. We solved this by setting "conference mode" of the call-queue to "On".