Attendance Report does not appear after meeting

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In the last two days, I cannot find the attendance report in chat meeting. I also open the scheduled meeting in Calendar but cannot find The attendance tab either. Please help me. Thank you very much.

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The available articles on Microsoft's Teams site do not suggest ways to get the attendance report if it doesn't automatically become available. (E.g. Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs etc.)

@Christian_bui I also have the same issue.  We hold rather large meetings (hundreds of people for 30 min calls) and it can take 2-5 days for the attendance rosters and recordings to post.  We hold 3 of the same sessions every other Wednesday.  I checked again this morning and finally I received 2 of the 3 attendance reports from last Wednesday posted.  I'm still waiting on the largest to post.  It's still not there for download.  I don't understand why they take so long to generate and post.  This is a big problem.  I need these attendance reports and videos immediately.  I can't wait a week to get them.


UPDATE: I did find out that our company Teams Admin has the ability to run attendance reports at an Admin level.  So... if you never get them, contact your Admin and they can run them back of house for you.  They don't contain the same information, but it will at least show you who attended the meeting enough to log attendance!  Good luck!

@Christian_bui  I'm also unable to see any tabs, dropdowns to download meeting attendance report, in spite of having confirmed that Meeting Policies/Global (Org-wide default)/General/Engagement Report = Turn on as well as for individual users.


@tarabryant Admittedly, I can, as you pointed out, have admin download these reports but my setting is a school and I need to empower my end users (teachers) to self-manage their attendance.


Any help, Microsoft community? Thanks in advance.

@QuriousDavid Apologize if you already know this but only the meeting organizer will see the Attendance tab and report to download.


@everyone else:  We recently started having issues where only some people are getting the "Attendance report not available or deleted" message. Some meetings are more than 2 months old.  I haven't been able to find a common thread.  Three random people, all having no attendance report showing up.  We can ask an admin but that's contradictory to the policy we put into place that each meeting organizer pulls their own attendance.  It took us months to convince people to get off Zoom and onto Teams.  


Signed, a very frustrated super user.

If anyone still has the issue, I found a workaround, not sure if it works for everyone: in my case there was no report in the browser Teams, nor in the App, and I'm the Admin. But then I checked on my mobile phone and bingo: the reports are shown there.