App studio for Teams vs Powerapps studio?

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I´m deciding to create a app for Teams or for PowerApps.


I have one question - can I develop the same things in App studio for Teams as what I can do in PowerApps? (canvas app).


Or is App studio for Teams more limited in some way when it comes to what functionality that can be developed?



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Usually you package the app depending what type it is via app studio. This can be a power apps app for example!
Thanks for quick reply. My question is weather if I can build the same things in boths studios?
No, you cannot build the same thing in both studios. The differences are quite clear:
1) Teams App Studio is just to create the package for your native Apps.
2) Power Apps Studio is just to create Power Apps in Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

thanks for your reply @Juan Carlos González Martín 

However, it´s not clear at all, because in Teams you can add a Power app (canvas app) which can access Dataverse.


Is Teams App Studio more limited when it comes to functionality? Or is it same as Power Apps Studio?

Yes, but that's different. The Power Apps Studio you have in Teams is just to make Power Apps for Microsoft Dataverse for Microsoft Teams. The Power Apps Studio you have outside Teams is to create Power Apps that can be added or not to Teams. Indeed, adding a Power App to Teams from the "Global" Power Apps Studio is quite straightforward :
Yes, I know they are located in different places. Again, my question is if I can build the same apps with them or what are the difference between them…
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Let me try for the last time to explain it ;-):
(1) Teams Apps Studio: It's not for building Apps, but for creating the packages to deploy Apps in Teams.
(2) Power Apps Studio in Teams: It's for building Power Apps in the scope of Teams, i.e, Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. A Power App create in Power Apps Studio in Teams cannot be used outside of Teams.
(3) "Global" Power Apps Studio: It's for building Power Apps that can be used standalone through the browser, that can be deployed to Teams as a Personal App or that can be embedded in Teams through a Power Apps Tab or in a SharePoint Site through the Power Apps Tab
thanks for your reply!
I´m aware about this. Sorry, but that was not answer to my question.

I´m trying to understand if Power Apps Studio in Teams is more limited when it comes to its functionality provided. Can I use Power FX there? Can I include a PCF control there? etc etc