Any method to disable MS Teams sign out function /enable auto sign-in with same account after reboot

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Hi all pros here,

i like to check if there is any method via registry key /windows built-in options/ powershell etc to disable MS teams client sign out button ? in case i am not clear, i want to remove the sign out button/option completely from ms teams client user interface shown below

Purpose for this is to disable users from signing out Teams client in the meeting rooms



I also like to ask if there is anyway to hardcode a MS Teams client account onto a pc, that after every reboot, MS Teams will sign in with the same account , regardless of the last account that signed in to that pc MS teams before reboot was performed.


Thanks for all your suggestions in advance.



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pushing up the topic to follow up with Microsoft experts

@Aaron Guilmette,

would you have any idea how to accomplish this ? thanks in advance

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No and no. Teams is an electron-based app, "traditional" configuration methods such as GPOs or registry keys are non-existent, and Microsoft is doing a good job ignoring our requests on that front. 


Thanks for the reply, Vasil


appreciate at least i know that this is not possible at this time


@Vasil Michev 



Have considered Teams Room System instead? There are documentation how to build one on MS Docs from W10 IoT & Surface - same works with other hardware as well.