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How can I set that only the moderator is able to see the messages of the various participants in the chat function and how is it possible to make the participants anonymous so that only the moderator knows who is participating

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There’s no way to anonymize users and also now way to hide messages for the members of the Team. Moderation is only to restrict who can post and reply to messages in the corresponding channel.

You can use private channels to have conversations only accessible to members of that channel - but all members of the private channel will see the messages and who posted them

@Jasmin_Fuchs Hi, I am using MS Teams to start a discussion forum. I have many requests by members to have their posts (both questions and replies) made anonymous, as some of the issues may be sensitive. Anonymous posts will also provide them with greater freedom of speech. It will be helpful if this can be done. 




I too have had folks ask for this function in regular teams meetings, now that we have large 300+ meetings there are a lot of folks who want to ask questions that they dont feel comfortable having their names on.  


We can do this with Teams Live Events (there is a check box you can use to make your question anonymous), but not for regular teams meetings. Can we get that same checkbox?

Faculty at our institution are also requesting the feature of having a thread or channel be anonymous to participants with the option of the owner of the team being able to see the names of the posters.

I would recommend adding this feature request at Teams UserVoice, there are already a couple there but with very limited numbers, see below. Other than that the only (current) way of being anonymous in a meeting while using the chat would be to join anonymously (not being signed in) also referred to as "join as guest" where the user can enter whatever name they like in the enter meeting dialog box. That name will be displayed with the Guest prefix added.