Android Teams notifications delayed when on WiFi

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Has anyone experienced issues where Teams notifications on an Android device is delayed until the device is no longer using WiFi for connectivity?   I have noticed on several occasions recently where a Samsung XCoverPro will deliver several chat notifications when the device switches from WiFi to Cellular connectivity.


The Teams application is configured to never sleep so it is not a power saving configuration issue.


The app is set to mute notifications while the desktop app is active but if I've already seen those notifications via the desktop application why would they be showing up a 2nd time on my phone?

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Hi @Brett_Gilbert  Yes, I've seen this on my phone as well.  I've always assumed that the app needed a minute to sync with my account and then the notifications would be updated.

I'd love to see an update on this from Microsoft. When I'm chatting with people on desktop but walk away for lunch, it's not uncommon for me to receive messages on my phone, that I've already replied to, an hour later. Happens daily.

I don't know, some days it's fine and is nearly real time, then other days I walk out of our building and switch from the internal WiFi to cellular and my phone just blows up with the delayed messages...  very frustrating