Acrobat for Microsoft Teams Limitations and Private Channels

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Publicity for Acrobat for Teams implies that PDF files opened in Teams will use Acrobat, but it appears that this is only true for constrained conditions. (I will clarify this claim below.) It is not just a matter of opening a file in Teams as you normally would. Is this because the Acrobat for Teams implementation is limited, or is it not possible for a third party Teams app to be better integrated?


Our organisation uses Teams for file sharing with access structured around Teams, Channels and folders. A lot of the Channels are private. Users navigate to a team, select a channel, select the Files tab and work from there. The only way to use Acrobat from here is to crreate a tab for each individual file. This is clumsy for one file and unworkable for many files. This mechanism does work for private channels.


It is possible to navigate teams, channels and folders to open files directly from the Acrobat app. It is fiddly, you have to find Acrobat (pinning the App doesn't seem to stick), then click on the obscure "Documents" option mid-screen on the right. That opens in OneDrive, so you have to know to select Teams and Channels. Having done all that, you can navigate folders and files for public channels, but NOT for private channels.


It is possible that there is some feature or configuration option that I have missed, but I have been quite thorough in working through the Adobe and Microsoft guides and exploring the configuration options in all the related administration consoles (multiple Microsoft consoles and the Adobe console). Researching the web seems to confirm my conclusion, but I would be please to hear that our requirements can be met.


We want this capability just for a group of users who are currently using DropBox, not all our users. I have not yet tested making Acrobat the default for all users, but the research seems to indicate this will not help and it will be difficult to test without disrupting all our users.

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By means of setup policy you could pin the App for all the users you need in the Teams client

Pinning the app didn't seem to stick for me, but I see it's now permanent. I'd only use policy if everyone was to use Acrobat and that's not the case, at least not initially. This isn't the main problem anyway.
I just tried the Collaborate on PDF option in a channel chat session. It isn't avilable for private channels either. This is a serious limitation.