Ability to open multiple main windows in Teams

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Would it be possible to have a feature so we can open multiple main windows in teams? Similar to how Outlook can do this.


The use cases are if we have one as the Chat window, but then also having a second window we could navigate through the Sharepoint / Wiki pages at the same time as the chat. Especially useful when screen sharing content from say a wiki or Sharepoint in Teams and you want to maintain chat sessions in a different screen. Or copy data from planner while having another screen with Sharepoint open. 


Workaround such as opening Teams in browser windows, or different applications at the same time really diverts away from all the benefits of having Teams a converged platform. 

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Hey! Good news! The ability to open chats and meetings in new windows are rolling out in the upcoming weeks!!


@adam deltinger 


Hello, did you have any news about the feature ?


I can't find a way to open my wikis in another window.


Has the feature been added to the current version of Teams ?


Thanks in advance.



looks like my chat could pop out
but meeting chat can't