Updated roadmap for bringing Skype for Business capabilities to Microsoft Teams

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Since the worldwide launch of Microsoft Teams a year ago, we continue to advance the vision for Intelligent Communications.  This vision includes bringing a complete set of Skype for Business capabilities into Microsoft Teams and Teams as the core communications client in Office 365.  

Over the last six months, we’ve made exciting progress in delivering new features and capabilities into Teams, and today, we have updated our Skype for Business to Teams Roadmap to reflect everything we’ve delivered across messaging, meetings and calling in Teams.


In the new roadmap, you’ll see updates on availability for key features including:


The Skype for Business to Teams Roadmap is available at https://aka.ms/skype2teamsroadmap.  Some of the new Teams capabilities are in the process of being rolled out to users over the next coming weeks.  The latest updates and additional details about released and upcoming features can be found on the Office 365 Roadmap.    


For more information on how we’re revolutionizing collaboration through Microsoft Teams, check out what we’re doing across devices, calling, and retention policies.  We’ve also provided several tutorials to help you learn how to plan, enable, and manage Microsoft Teams.


Recently, Microsoft Teams with Intelligent Communications was also recognized as the “Best of Enterprise Connect”. You can find more information from the recent Enterprise Connect event via the keynote and Teams on Air episode.


Get started today with Microsoft Teams as your hub for teamwork, the single place for conversations, files and meetings.  To learn more about adopting Microsoft Teams, visit http://aka.ms/successwithteams.  To help plan your journey from Skype for Business to Teams, please visit: http://aka.ms/skypeandteams.  

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I love this format and wish other Office 365 workloads followed this approach. I would remove the reference to Windows Phone though especially since deprecation has been announced?

Great stuff, these PDF roadmaps are really useful


Just 9 changes this time, 8 in messaging and 1 in calling. Big steps forward towards feature parity with SfB for Messaging. 



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When will you get unified presence between Teams and Skype for business on prem users?


Skype for Business on prem seems to have unified prescence between Outlook web app, so it can't be that difficult?? 

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Please make O365 Security groups usable in MS Teams. Just loading the individual usuers is not enough, they need to be dynamic with Azure O365 user management.

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should be

http://aka.ms/skypeandteams (no period)


Thanks! Great stuff!

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So, Skype consumer interop has vanished off Roadmap, was this cancelled? Or just left off. I see it's still on the office 365 roadmap. 


Any updates on the points that was supposed to be done in Q1 and has now gone past the second promise of an "April update"?


@DeletedLooks like they no longer considers it important enough


A bit strange since it's an important feature to many and they should want to implement everything we need to make the transition from S4B to Teams.

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Yeah I saw that yesterday. Pretty upsetting as it’s one of the big points I used to help sway the decision to go with Teams instead of Slack. 


guess we all need to just get the uservoice pumped up. 



Is there a set date when Skype for Business and Teams will be officially merged?  Is there an EOL for the Skype for Business client?

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There is not one yet. 


I don't see any information about future plans for Respose groups? Are the RGS are not going to be implemented and supported? In our case, lack of RGS support is the main showstopper to migrate to Skype for business online \ Teams fully.


Microsoft Teams - Calling Support between Teams and Skype Consumer

This is one of the SfB calling capabilities coming to Teams. Support for 1:1 Skype Consumer Calls. This feature is targeted for availability by Q2 CY 2018.
Still on the other roadmap, I think you should stick with that one.
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I liked the fact that now we can add any users with email as guest to the teams.

Cool new features!!!!!!!

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I'm now also very worried about the Consumer Skype connection removed from this updated roadmap. That's definitely something I was sure was going to happen soon, it was a must-have feature for our company to make the move to Teams. I really hope it's an unintended omission. :\

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The user-voice for it demoted the feature to thinking about it a few months back. We need to garner votes for it because I think it's a huge benefit and it lets me completely eliminate the need for Skype client on computers. Here is the uservoice link: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16958347-skype-integration-con...


It still shows on the Office 365 roadmap thou for a June release, so I'm confused.

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I was on a mission to remove the Skype for Business app and only use Teams, but I am still struggling with:

  • Screen sharing sessions with Skype for Business users.
  • Contacting people who have once touched Teams but are using Skype for Business.
  • Joining Skype for Business meetings.

For these items I still need my Skype for Business client.

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Somebody notified me today about a banner popping up in their Skype for Business client informing about me not using Skype, which is technically correct, all Skype chats and calls from other people end up in my Teams client, but still it is strange to see this message. Guess it is part of the push towards Teams.


The actual message is 'Koopmans, Joost is not using Skype for Business. For a richer experience, switch to Teams or start a Skype Meeting.' 



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I notice the calling roadmap points out support for extension dialing. Can we truly associate any extension we want to a user, or is still utilizing the workaround of using normalization rules to expand an extension into a +e164 number?




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Looks like interop between Skype consumer and Microsoft Teams is not going to happen, after looking on the uservoice. This is really disappointing from my perspective, this has completely taken the wheels off any move to Teams for my org now. I would really like to know why this feature was declined given that it is possible on S4B!


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no skype consumer sucks A LOT.
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