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Hello Teams community,


We’ve been hard at work looking for ways to improve our Teams documentation for admins and IT pros. Today we released the first set of improvements. We’d love for you to take it for a spin and share your feedback.


Highlights of the January 28 release

1. New landing pages that provide a guided path to your Teams rollout, through key decisions and actions.


We recommend you start with How to roll out Teams and follow the guided experience from there.


2. Simplified table of contents, reflecting the guided rollout path and (hopefully!) making it easier to find the information you need at every stage of your Teams journey.




3. We’ve also included links to some of our new readiness training videos. Look for the TIP box at the top of articles that include these resources. 



The January 28 release is just the beginning – we’ll keep working on the Teams technical documentation over the next few months to keep improving it.


If you want to give us feedback, please reply to this blog post letting us know what is working and what you would like to see changed. 


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Links on the main page behave weirdly when i click on them in Firefox (double box appears around them). Although i still prefer to go to https://docs.microsoft.com/lt-lt/MicrosoftTeams/teams-overview as my starting point. No need for a fancy additional step.

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We are working with Office 365 customers that want their 2016 RDS Remote Workers to access Teams as a Published App. We're finding some information in posts that have workarounds to Profile issues, but not finding a real supported case for Teams in this environment. What is Microsoft's official position and Best Practice Documentation regarding Installing and Supporting Teams on RDS Platform as a Published Application to end users?

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