Product Videos: To get you started!

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Check out these how-to videos to get started with Microsoft Teams!


Product Tour:
Summary: Take a quick tour of Microsoft Teams. 
Teams and Channels:
Summary: Learn how teams can bring together all the right people, communications, files, and tools. 
Using Tabs:
Summary: Learn how to add tabs to different channels and chats that will allow your team to connect to other apps, hold conversations about different files, generate instant analytics, and more. 
Productive Conversations:
Summary: Get some quick tips on how to have productive and targeted team conversations. 
Private Chat and Calling:
Summary: Get all the information you need to make private calls or chat privately with teammates, from focused one-on-one conversations or as a group. 
Meet Now:
Summary: From a channel, go live together with video, screen sharing, and relevant content. 
Onboard Your Team:
Summary: Learn how to get your team up and running so you can start collaborating and creating! 
Scheduled Meetings:
Summary: Find out everything you need to know about scheduling and organizing meetings in Microsoft Teams, from viewing all your appointments at once to how to join a meeting once you've accepted an invite!


What other videos would be helpful?

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How do I actually get TEAMS?

Cannot find that info.

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Great question. Funny it isn't mentioned anywhere.

1. First enable Micrsoft Teams within the tenant. Open admin center > settings > service and addins>microsoft teams [enable]

2. go to use the web version or download desktop app.

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I would like to see some videos that show how Teams can be used in conjuction with Yammer and Skype. The overlapping in use cases is very confusing and some examples could help to clarify these scenarios.

Thanks @Dean Gross - This is valuable feedback.  I will be sure to share it with the team.




@Nishanth Nadarajah


The second video link needs correcting to Teams and Channels:


Thanks to all who made possible these very approachable resources!


@Laurie Pottmeyer Any chance the original post could be corrected?


I agree with @Dean Gross - we defintiely need to see clearer messaging that helps to differentiate Yammer from Teams, Teams from Outlook ocnversations.  I believe the integration with other O365 services in Teams v1 is very good, and surpasses the experience we have today with Yammer (I knwo changes are coming), but it would be great to see some messaging around use cases that would benefit from Teams (possibly over Yammer). 

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Thank you for the videos. Are there any other scenario-based tutorials (video or not) available? I need to understand how to "sell" Teams to my corporation.

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One way to "sell" it to you company would be to find several groups of people and have them test it out for their own work. MS can say whatever they want, but until your organization actually uses it, you won't have a full appreciation of the capabilities of the application. It has a lot of possibilities and those will only be realized when people start experimenting with the tabs and connectors.

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 How can I add member from outside the organisation? Seem like not possible. Any advise?

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