New training resources for Microsoft Teams admins and IT Pros on MS Learn

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As organizations, big and small, across the world rely on Microsoft Teams to help enable hybrid work for all their employees, our goal is to help make sure IT Professionals and Teams admins are up to the task. To help you get ready to deploy and manage Microsoft Teams in your organization and deliver the experiences that meet the needs of your users, we have created new Teams training courses and interactive product how-to guides designed to quickly ramp up your Teams admin knowledge base.


At Microsoft Ignite last month, we introduced a number of new Microsoft Teams role-based learning paths, learning modules, and interactive product experiences that are available at MS Learn.


MS Learn provides free, online training that you can work through at your own pace to build skills and earn certifications. Interactive product how-to guides are a hybrid of traditional hands-on labs and click-thru demos that do not require a sandboxed environment for training.


If you need help figuring out where to start your learning journey or just want to browse the new Teams learning content, check out the new MS Learn landing page for Microsoft Teams and the new interactive product how-to guides for Microsoft Teams admins.


Microsoft Teams Learning paths and modules on MS Learn

Below is a list of the latest Microsoft Teams learning content for administrators. Learning paths are full topic learning solutions, while modules are bite sized learning chunks dedicated around a specific task.  These are designed for you to learn at your own pace and even includes bookmarks for you to save your progress.

Learning path/modules


Set up Microsoft Teams meetings for your organization (Learning Path – 3 Modules)


Deploy Teams phone systems with Direct Routing (Learning Path – 4 Modules)


Enforce security, privacy and compliance in Microsoft Teams (Learning Path – 8 Modules)


Design and configure Microsoft Teams Rooms (Learning Path – 4 Modules)


Manage calls in Microsoft Teams by using auto attendants and call queues (module)


Configure your network for M365 and Teams connectivity (Module)


Navigate the Teams admin center (Module)


Configure enterprise-grade security in Microsoft Teams (Module)


Configure enterprise-grade compliance in Microsoft Teams (Module)


Rollout Teams using Microsoft Advisor for Teams (Module)


Configure Microsoft Teams meetings and calls for inclusion (Module)


Onboard users to Microsoft Teams (Module)



Microsoft Teams Interactive Product How-to Guides

These guides are designed to simulate the hands-on lab experience to guide you through the specific individual steps needed to complete a task.  They include an interactive window to perform tasks and a comprehensive script to follow.  This script can also be downloaded as a reference to complete tasks on your own Microsoft 365 and Teams environment.

Interactive Guide.gif


How-to Guide


Identity, Access management & Threat Protection for Teams

Learn how to use Microsoft admin centers and PowerShell to configure access and identity policies and Enable Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for Teams

Managing Compliance in Teams

Use the Microsoft 365 Security, Microsoft 365 Compliance, and Microsoft Teams admin centers, as well as Windows PowerShell to manage and configure an Office 365 organization's Microsoft Teams policies and settings.

Teams Advisor: Deploying chats, teams, channels and apps in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to leverage Teams advisor to assess your environment and build a plan for deploying chats, teams, channels and apps.

Streamlining Teams administration with PowerShell and dynamic groups

Convert an Office 365 group from static membership to dynamic and use Windows PowerShell to assign a new App permission policy to all members.

Managing Teams and Guest Access in the Microsoft Teams admin center

Learn how to configure and manage Microsoft Teams and guest access for your organization.

Configure Teams Phone System: Auto Attendant & Call Queue

Step through the process of creating and deploying a Call Queue and Auto Attendant as part of Microsoft Teams calling using the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Configure Direct Routing: connecting SBCs and voice routing

Use Microsoft Teams Phone System Direct Routing to integrate with your existing telephony infrastructure.

Configure Governance in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to create a Teams messaging retention policy for your organization and how to archive, delete and restore individual Teams

Configuring and deploying Microsoft Teams meetings

Step through the process of deploying the meetings workload for Microsoft Teams.

Configure Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams

Discover the capabilities of Audio Conferencing in Teams and learn how to assign conference bridges and dial-in phone numbers.

Configuring Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers

Learn how to configure and deploy the right Microsoft Teams environment for your Firstline Workforce.


We will continue to create new learning and training content as Microsoft Teams continues to add great new features and capabilities. We would love to hear from you on how we can help better prepare and support your learning journey. We know that not everyone learns the same, so please let us know how and what your needs are to help us evaluate new and exciting learning content!

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