New! Confluence Cloud Messaging Extension in Microsoft Teams

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Messaging Extension for Confluence Cloud is now available for Microsoft Teams. It is available for teams channel as well as private chat, making your dialog much more descriptive and informative.


Get Confluence Cloud app from Microsoft Teams app store and connect to your Confluence Cloud instance. Once connected, you will be able to search through the Confluence instance and attach the desired Confluence page, blog post etc. in the informative card.


The card includes:

  • Confluence Space name with page title
  • Preview of the content
  • Created and Last Updated date
  • Created by and Last modified by contributor names
  • Button to view the page in Confluence


Users who have access to the confluence content will only be able to view the content in the confluence website upon clicking 'View in Confluence'. All members of the team will be able to see the card if it is posted in the Teams channel.


Please see below example of Confluence Cloud messaging extension in Microsoft Teams.


Use the Confluence Cloud Messaging Extension to get the information you need.Use the Confluence Cloud Messaging Extension to get the information you need.




You didn't use reply! =)



*edit, I see the animation got fixed changed to a reply!


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This post is making it hard for me with my assessment of whether to use Confluence for a document management of design specs or use Teams and SharePoint Online.  It seems that we can do either or both and it is a matter of preference. We are using Jira currently and noticed the Jira Cloud in your screen shot in Teams. Assuming configuration setting as well. 

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Perfect timing for a project of mine : Exactly what I (we) needed :) Thank you !

I love this URL preview image :D 

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So far so good! Same workflow to set up Jira (install connector in Confluence Cloud, authorize connector to have access to your O365 account, log into Confluence)


It would be nice if there was a way to have this on by default for all users in the company

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Will this eventually work for Confluence server?


@Adrian Pratt, We are investigating on how we can bring support for server as well.

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It does not look like Amit Oberoi is in the community anymore. Is there any update to his statement about bringing Confluence Server support to Teams?


@Scott_Friedman, Confluence Server support is on our roadmap. Our goal is to first bring in parity with Confluence Cloud app and then add additional features from there. 

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This looks awesome - good job! :D I would love to see this on Server as well.

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It would be great to be able to subscribe to a page from a channel so people can see updates posted there automatically...also would be useful to be able to post a comment on the Confluence page directly from Teams...not having to open the page. 

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Any update on availability for JIRA Server?


@gustavosegura - thank you for the suggestions. We'll keep these in mind as we continue to improve the app. 


@simonbuchanan - Jira Server is available in MS Teams today. Confluence Server is on our roadmap, and we'll share more news when we can. 

@ErinBailie great job! Looking forward to see the integration for Confluence Server AND Confluence Datacenter to come to life soon! ;)

Do you think that this will be in Q2 2020?

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May I know if the Confluence Cloud is official from Atlassian ? Or it is done by the third-party vendor which I see the creator is neither MS or Atlasian.



@Alessandro_Rizzoli - no formal release date for Confluence on-prem, but stay tuned!

@kagusanto - Confluence Cloud is built by SoftSerfe. SoftServe is a trusted, third-party developer, engaged by Microsoft to develop and host selected third-party Teams integrations, under the Supplier Security & Privacy Assurance (SSPA) program. They've undergone evaluation and approval through Microsoft's high standards for privacy and security practices. More info on the program can be found here.

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@ErinBailie Thank you for the clarification. I will pass this information to the IT team. 

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