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Meet Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub

Published Sep 30 2021 03:00 AM 10.3K Views

Today, we started to rollout our next generation of the Microsoft Teams experience for Surface Hub, Teams Rooms on Surface Hub. This new experience will automatically replace the current Surface Hub Teams app as part of a 4-week global rollout, and will be available for our customers in Commercial, GCC and GCC High environments.


This next generation of Teams on Surface Hub has been redesigned to bring your favorite features from the desktop and Microsoft Teams Rooms directly into your meeting space. With a new meeting stage, a robust set of meeting controls, and popular features including Together mode scenes, chat bubbles, live reactions, PowerPoint Live, and Whiteboard, Teams Rooms on Surface Hub enriches collaboration for the hybrid workplace. You can easily access your Microsoft 365 files and leverage a richer Whiteboard experience to confidently present and collaborate.

Teams Rooms on Surface Hub uses familiar meeting experiences from Teams desktop to provide users a more consistent meeting experience across endpoints. Meetings can be easily joined from either the Surface Hub welcome screen or the Surface Hub agenda page and are automatically joined Edge-to-Edge to put people in the foreground of your meeting!


The redesigned agenda page provides you with quick access to your meetings, Meet Now, and a Dial-Pad to initiate PSTN calls, allowing for an easy transition between agenda items.

Agenda Page.png


We also added local admin settings to configure specific Teams Rooms features like Coordinated Meetings and Proximity Join directly on the Surface Hub.

Admin Settings.png


To get started, ensure your Surface Hub received the latest Windows Version 19042.1202, and Teams Rooms on Surface Hub (KB5004196) will install Teams Version which will automatically upgrade to the latest available version during regular maintenance hours.

Simplified management of Teams coming to Surface Hub
Later this year, we will also enable admins to take advantage of the following solutions:

  • Teams Admin Center. Teams Admin Center provides a comprehensive self-management platform to remotely monitor and manage the Teams Rooms experience on Teams devices. Teams Admin Center will be available to Microsoft Teams Rooms customers at no additional cost.
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service. Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service is an AI driven, cloud-based IT management and monitoring service that keeps Microsoft Teams Rooms devices up to date and proactively monitored. The service reduces the burden on IT and delivers improved room operations, helping enhance in-room meeting productivity. Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service is available as part of the Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium license.



Documentation on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub
Video of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub


Christian Schacht, Sr Program Manager - Teams Devices

Occasional Contributor

Looks great Christian, well done to the whole team

Occasional Contributor

This is great, I just really wish they had a timeline of the teams admin access since this is how we manage all the rooms .

also do we know if zoom meetings will work with the room setup since the other rooms do now .. we have a few venders that just use zoom


New Contributor

@Mark Gibbs using the browser for Zoom works really well on the hub., just go to,  or you also have the bonus if someone signs into their outlook when they click the zoom link in the invite it just launches in the browser.  You do need the chromium edge browser for this but your hub should have updated to that now.


@Christian Schacht happy to say we did get our first production hub updated this morning to the new Teams client!  Now for some testing before we let it flow to our enterprise clients.  Thank you for all the efforts you and the team put into this.


Certainly, its gonna give a better meeting experience

Super Contributor

Great news, thanks.  Will the Tips app on Surface Hub be updated to reflect the new Teams app?  Also, the documentation linked above is more admin centered.  Is there a user facing support page as well as a user facing downloadable /  printable doc like there was with previous versions?


Example:  Surface Hub 2S Adoption and training guides - Surface Hub | Microsoft Docs


That link has an end user training guide and some great quick reference cards.  It would be nice if those resources could not only be updated, but combined into a single guide for both Gen 1 and 2S.  Or combine all of the info into a single site to make it simple for us to provide the right info to our users.

Super Contributor

Does anyone know if these are considered feature or quality updates?


Surface Hub update history - Surface Hub | Microsoft Docs


September 30, 2021 — KB5004196, KB5004198, and KB5004199

These updates to the Surface Hub deliver the Teams Room client, Teams Admin Center agent, and Managed Meeting Rooms agent. Key features are outlined in Teams Room on Surface Hub.



Super Contributor

Any word on updated Tips app and documentation on the Adoption and Training Guides page?  This should be made available before releasing any new app to Surface Hub.

Occasional Contributor

HDMI input for sharing screens now is in a separate window.  Is there a way to get HDMI input to display in the meeting easily now?  Joining the meeting wirelessly and sharing a screen works, but sometimes we have vendors that want to just plug in and share their screen in the room and have remote attendees see the content in a full screen while still having the participants bar on the right....the old way worked better for HDMI sharing from what we can see so far.

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