Announcing Practical Guidance for Phone System with Calling Plans in Microsoft Teams
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We recently announced the availability of Calling Plans support for Teams. We are excited to announce that the practical guidance for this functionality is now available.


We are releasing three new assets and encourage you to get started using this guidance today.

  • Practical Guidance for Calling Plans in Teams
  • Configuring Calling Plans in Teams Quick Start Guide
  • Teams and Skype for Business Interoperability

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Practical Guidance for Calling Plans in Teams

Our practical guidance provides a methodology that will help you to succeed and is created from customer engagement experiences. Following this guidance, which was built on the familiar FastTrack customer journey framework, will help you deliver your organization-wide Calling Plans implementation.


In the current release, our practical guidance covers the Envision phase of the FastTrack customer journey, which includes activities and key discussions along with decision points that we recommend you to make for successful business outcomes. Example outputs for each activity and key discussions are provided.


The main sections of the practical guidance are as follows:

  • Define business use cases for Phone System with Calling Plans
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Define objectives and key results, key success indicators, and risks
  • Assess environment and evaluate adoption readiness
  • Map operational roles
  • Document success plan
  • Technical planning for Phone System with Calling Plans
  • Availability of Calling Plans
  • Licensing for Calling Plans
  • Phone Numbers and Emergency Locations
  • Voicemail
  • Calling Identity
  • Dial plans
  • Document technical implementation plan


We will be adding to this practical guidance over time and will provide regular updates via this blog series.


Configuring Calling Plans in Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

If you are interested in getting an initial set of users up and running to explore the exciting features of Calling Plans in Microsoft Teams, we released the Configuring Calling Plans in Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide.


This quick start guide covers:

  • Prerequisites for enabling the Calls tab in Teams
  • Teams interop policy configuration
  • Configuring Teams to receive inbound PSTN calls
  • Configuring Teams to allow users to change their preferred calling experience


Teams and Skype for Business Interoperability

If your curiosity is piqued by the mention of “Teams interop policy” in the quick start guide table of contents above, we released the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Interoperability documentation to talk about what interoperability means in the context of Calling and how it will affect your organization.


The main sections in this document include:

  • What Interoperability means
  • Interoperability requirements
  • Supported topologies—which also covers interop experience limitations
  • How to manage your interop experience


Partners and FTC can help you deploy Phone System with Calling Plans in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft continues to invest in our partners to deliver customer success via the practical guidance previously delivered as part of SOF and continues to be delivered via MyAdvisor. These partners have implemented our practical guidance in their delivery and managed services practices as well as validated product and process knowledge via an assessment. To date we have over 160 partners worldwide ready to assist you in your journey to success.


We encourage customers to engage with our partner ecosystem for deployment and ongoing management of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Gold Certified Communication partners providing services aligned to the FastTrack practical guidance can be found at:


Call to Action

Get started using the practical guidance for Calling Plans in Teams! Should you have any questions, let us know in the comments section.

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